I don’t know about you, but I’ve more than had enough of this cold, wet miserable weather by now, feels like the longest winter ever! We’re supposed to be into the third week of spring by now, though it definitely doesn’t feel it – my daffodils aren’t even in bloom yet, which is crazy for April! The forecast for the weekend is pretty good at least so hopefully Spring will finally kick in and add some much needed colour to our garden.
However, even with all the rain, wind, cold weather and of course all the snow we had last month I still absolutely love my new job and have no doubts that choosing to “give up the day job” and becoming a dog walker is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, it’s amazing!
My current favourite walk is down past Wymondham Abbey and along the Tiffey up to Tuttles Lane, perfect for letting the doggies off the lead and giving them a chance to really stretch their legs, safe in the knowledge we are well away from the roads, with only a handful of other dog walkers using the route. Marley the Staffie loves jumping in the river to splash about in the water – rather him than me though, it must be absolutely freezing in there right now!
Met my next new little friend last week, a 12-week old French Bulldog puppy – and what a little cutie he is, surely one of the cutest little things I’ve ever met, he’s just gorgeous! Really looking forward to getting him out and about, helping to build up his confidence and getting used to some of the smells and sounds going on around – it’s a hard life …