Waggy Tails of Wymondham: Waggy Christmas

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with friends, family and of course all your fabulous furry friends – our little sausage Clive has been chewing on his new bone for the past two days, and with a bellyful of turkey he’s certainly had a great time!
Also hope you’ve all had a good year and that 2018 has brought you lots of happy times and great memories, it certainly has for me and this year will be one I will never forget! This time last year I was spending almost three hours a day commuting across London on the tube to be stuck behind a desk in a thoroughly unsatisfying job where my sole motivation was getting paid at the end of the month. Roll forward twelve months and I’m looking back at a year that has way exceeded any expectations I had when I swapped my London life to start a new one as a dog walker with Waggy Tails of Wymondham – it truly has been beyond amazing!
It’s been a while since I updated my blog so if you’ve not been following me on Facebook or Instagram I can report things have been moving apace and we now have almost 50 awesome doggies in the Waggy Tails crew! From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, with plenty of crazy Spaniels, majestic Retrievers, cheeky little Dachshunds (don’t tell Clive!) and lots and lots of other fab breeds and cross-breeds in between I’m having just the best time spending my days walking them round the fabulous spots Wymondham and some of the surrounding villages. I really feel so blessed to have met so many fantastic doggies and owners, and so happy that I made the decision I did to follow my dreams to become a dog walker – it honestly is the best job I could wish for.

Waggy Tails of Wymondham: Christmas Daisy