I had my first haircut of 2020, and this wasn’t quite my regular trim up of my curls!
It was actually all for a very good cause. My best mate sadly lost his dad to cancer earlier this year, and last Sunday I took part in a charity cricket tournament over in my old childhood stomping ground Martham to help raise funds for the fabulous Cancer Research UK organisation. And a week before the big day I decided in what was possibly a moment of madness to do my bit and get sponsored to have all my curly locks shaved off for the first time ever!
It’s definitely been a shock to the system and I’m not quite used to it just yet, but I managed to raise a total of £485 for this wonderful charity (we raised more than £2,000 altogether!) so it was all definitely worth while 👍
Unfortunately our team didn’t win the cricket, though it was a great day and lots of laughs and memories of Terry were shared, and he was definitely there with us in spirit. It was the first time I’ve picked up my bat in more than 15 years so it was great to find out a bit of the old magic is still there, and the best news was that I could still walk the following morning (well, just about, I was definitely pretty stiff and achey!)
Hopefully it won’t take too long to grow back with the cold winter months looming….